In December 1967, under the direction of pharmacist Jack Coffey, Shawnee Medical Center Pharmacy began operations in the new Shawnee Medical Center Hospital at 1104 W MacArthur. Eleven years later Coffey opened The Clinic Pharmacy in the new Shawnee Medical Center Clinic. The Clinic Pharmacy operated in the Shawnee Medical Center Clinic until 2010, when the operations moved across the street to a new pharmacy and its current residence at 3210 Kethley Rd. Pharmacists Gordon Richards, Jr, Tim Barrick and Lauren Palmer were all partners with Coffey in some form or fashion since the 1990’s.
The Clinic Pharmacy today is a member of the Osborn Drugs group, since December 2017. Partners now at the Kethley Rd address are Bill Osborn and Tim Barrick. Services include compounding, DME, home delivery, immunizations, med sync, medication therapy management and RapidPak medication adherence. The pharmacy’s motto is “working hard to improve your quality of life” and does so seven days a week, 365 days a year.