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OK Pharm Political Action Committee

Defending Our Profession

The Oklahoma PharmPAC is essential to our association’s governmental affairs program.

Our OPhA leadership team and lobbyist track issues before they hit the floor. We work alongside legislators to give our expert opinions on how this will affect our industry in Oklahoma.

By supporting the OK PharmPAC you’ll know that your contribution is used exclusively to support legislation and initiatives that will help our profession grow. 

Support the Pharm pac

Our successes!

Taking Our Best Shot

We need you to come alongside us to make a change at our state legislature! OPhA launched our #TakingOurBestShot campaign to enact the changes we want to see and protect the interest of our profession! 

We need you to:

  • Make a one-time donation to our OK PharmPAC up to $5,000/year
  • Commit to a monthly, continual donation to support our efforts all year

If every OPhA member commits to $50/month we would be a force at the state legislature.

Defend Our Profession
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