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The Oklahoma Pharmacists Association is the leading voice for pharmacy in the state of Oklahoma. We aggressively advocate for the profession by shaping public policy and scope of practice to enhance the value of pharmacy. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our state’s pharmacy professionals.

Our Mission

To unite and promote the profession of pharmacy through advocacy, communication and education. We facilitate pharmacists in the development of innovative pharmacy practices that demonstrate improved health outcomes for patients and reinforce the role of pharmacists as essential members of the healthcare team.

The President's Message

Rodney D. Skinner
Rodney D. Skinner, PharmD
OPhA President, 2018-19

What Kind of Pharmacist am I?

Thank you all for attending and it truly is an honor to serve as President of OPhA. We have been very fortunate in Oklahoma to have great leadership over the years and to have new leaders step up eager to follow the path they have forged.

I’d like to take a moment to thank my family. My wife, Ashlee, for supporting me from day one to allow me to follow my dreams. I know it’s not easy balancing a career and raising 3 children. I’m lucky to have you, thank you. My kids, Sam and Hollen, no matter what kind of day it was it’s always better when I get home and see you two. My parents, for being a great example and teaching me everything I need to know to be the best version of myself every day. I truly appreciate all the love and support my entire family has given me.

Pharmacy isn’t easy. If you like easy, it’s probably not the profession for you. But like many of you I love a good challenge. We could argue that some of the obstacles that face us today aren’t fair. That may be true, but the only one that can change these things is you. It starts with us as pharmacists. We have been extremely fortunate to have so many great leaders right here in our own backyard. Willie Osborn, Calvin Anthony, Lonny Wilson, John Lassiter just to name a few. They have shown us the map to be great pharmacists, great people, and to sustain a profession that has given us all so much.

I’ve been a pharmacist for 10 years and the amount of change I’ve seen in the industry is amazing. I can’t imagine some of the changes our more seasoned and experienced pharmacists have seen. Our role continues to evolve and change and many cases expand, however reimbursement continues to shrink. Revenue sources are tough to find, and even tougher to hold on to. I think we can honestly say everything we have at this point is from our refusal to be pushed to the side and bullied into submission. Our ability to adapt to the changes that have come our way will always be essential to our survival.

I hear over and over how hard it is to make it today, and I understand more now than ever. However; I refuse to let the uphill battle we face deter me or make me less optimistic of the future. I realize it won’t be easy, I realize the fight will never be over, but I like which side I’m on. I see too many people in here today that have and will in the future, make a positive impact in the lives of the patients they serve as well as the profession they represent.

With that said my message is simple: Figure out what you do well and do that.

If it’s speaking with your legislator, inviting him/her into your pharmacy, do that. If it’s holding a fundraiser, do that. If it’s donating your time or money, focus on that. The key to us being successful is action, so focus on what you do well and do that. Together we are stronger.

Thank you

Meet Our Executive Council

Rodney Skinner
Rodney Skinner Paul Jones Drug
President, 2018-19
Jathan Coburn
Jathan Coburn Eric's Pharmacy
President Elect, 2018-19
Chris Schiller
Chris Schiller Economy Pharmacy
Vice President, 2018-19
Bill Moore
Bill Moore Henry Roberts Express Pharmacy
Past President, 2017-18
Open Position
Open Position
District 1 Representative, 2018-19
Elizabeth Buchanan
Elizabeth Buchanan Tiger Drug
District 2 Representative, 2018-19
Tim Barrick
Tim Barrick The Clinic Pharmacy
District 3 Representative, 2018-19
Colby Brewster
Colby Brewster Grandview Pharmacy
District 4 Representative, 2018-19
Phong Hoang
Phong Hoang Creative Care Pharmacy
District 5 Representative, 2018-19
Kathryn Oard
Kathryn Oard Scheffe Rx Shop
District 6 Representative, 2018-19