Your Voice in Pharmacy

The Oklahoma Pharmacists Association is the leading voice for pharmacy in the state of Oklahoma. We aggressively advocate for the profession by shaping public policy and scope of practice to enhance the value of pharmacy. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our state’s pharmacy professionals.

Our Mission

To unite and promote the profession of pharmacy through advocacy, communication and education. We facilitate pharmacists in the development of innovative pharmacy practices that demonstrate improved health outcomes for patients and reinforce the role of pharmacists as essential members of the healthcare team.

The President's Message

Jathan Coburn
Jathan Coburn, Pharm. D
OPhA President, 2019-20

Together, We Are Making a Difference!!!

Thank you all for attending this year's conference and accepting me into the position of president. I would like to especially thank my wife and father in law. Megan has always been by my side assisting in my personal and professional growth.

This room is full of pharmacist who have personally inspired me and a whole generation of younger pharmacist. Seeing the hard work and effort laid out before us has motivated myself and many others to strive to continue to improve our profession. We have all been fortuitous to have such revered pharmacist in this state who have impacted pharmacy on a national level.

Fortunately I have mentors such as Eric Winegardner, Richard Covington and Justin Wilson. I’ve personally seen the level of patient care they possess and passion they have put into pharmacy. The impact they have had in our state as well as nationally has been truly inspiring.

Rodney Skinner, Chris Schiller, Debra Billingsley and incredible leadership with the board have made this past year a tremendous success. We have made difficult decisions that have made us stronger and more motivated to making a difference in the profession. Our legislative efforts will lead to unquestionably positive results in the practice of pharmacy in Oklahoma.

Most importantly I am dedicated to continually working on improving patient care. They are not just our patients, but our friends neighbors and family. And that is what is at the core of our efforts.

Thank you all.

Meet Our Executive Council

Jathan Coburn
Jathan Coburn Eric's Pharmacy
Chris Schiller
Chris Schiller Economy Pharmacy, Inc
President Elect
Tim Barrick
Tim Barrick The Clinic Pharmacy
Vice President
Debra Billingsley
Debra Billingsley OPhA
Executive Director
No Photo
Nick Curtin Curtin Drug
District 1 Representative
Elizabeth Buchanan
Elizabeth Buchanan Tiger Drug
District 2 Representative
Ryan Huddleston
Ryan Huddleston Comfort Care Pharmacy
District 3 Representative
Colby Brewster
Colby Brewster Grandview Pharmacy
District 4 Representative
Phong Hoang
Phong Hoang Creative Care Pharmacy
District 5 Representative
Kathryn Oard
Kathryn Oard Scheffe Prescription Shoppe
District 6 Representative

Past Presidents

Rodney Skinner
Rodney Skinner 2018-19
Bill Moore
Bill Moore 2017-18
Steve Pryor
Steve Pryor 2016-17
Shonda Lassiter, 2015-16
Shonda Lassiter, 2014-15
Mark Deevers, 2013-14
Josh Sheffield, 2012-13
Mark Feightner, 2011-12
Justin Wilson, 2010-11
John Crumly, 2009-10
Greg Huenergardt, 2008-09
Eric Winegardner, 2007-08
Mike Bugher, 2006-07
David Pittman, 2005-06
Ben Allison, 2004-05
Mark Dodson, 2003-04
Dorothy Gourley, 2002-03
Don Ritter, 2001-02
Clay Moore, 2000-01
Gary Kirk, 1999-00
Sandy Eck, 1998-99
Phillip Woodward, 1997-98
Robert Dishman, 1996-97
Charles Boatman, 1995-96
Clifford Meece, 1994-95
Bobby Richardson, 1993-94
Tom Hobza, 1992-93
JB Taylor, 1991-92
Jim Holder, 1990-91
Kenneth Eck, 1989-90