3 Takeaways From the OPhA 2021 Law Seminar

After a year of virtual meetings, OPhA held its annual Law Seminar at the OU College of Pharmacy to discuss current and new laws concerning pharmacists in Oklahoma.

1. Pharmacists need to be innovative

Did you know it takes the pharmacists industry an average of 30 years to adopt a new effort? Maimauna Bruce, PharmD, MBA, MS with Cardinal Health company, shared how important it is for pharmacists to be innovative to survive well into the future. Some independent pharmacies aren’t taking advantage of some low-hanging innovations. One innovation is creative delivery solutions, which can lead to a 32% boost in adherence amongst statin users. Or digital pharmacy platforms that typically have a 99% retention rate on the platform and a 50% of users order a refill within 2 hours of being notified.

2. Medication synchronization leads to greater efficiency

Medication synchronization was initiated in May 2009 by the National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations to bring the patients’ entire medication regimen together. Kacee Blackwell, PharmD with PPOk, shared that if done correctly, medication synchronization can lead to enhanced efficiency, increased income, optimization of opportunity and more. When it comes to delivering prescriptions, independent pharmacies that have implemented medication synchronization into their practice have fewer phone calls, IOU’s and traffic jams. They also have increased income by reducing DIR fees and more refill opportunities when the patient is typically late to refill.

3. SB1446 is changing the game for acute pain requirements

Jessica McGuire, PhD, from the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, shared how pharmacists should handle acute pain requirements according to SB1446. This bill was passed in 2018, but pharmacists are still learning how it will change their practices. Jessica’s presentation was so interesting she had a line of attendee questions in the hall afterward. We appreciate her attending.

The Law Seminar was well attended, with 80 pharmacy professionals joining us, and many more great topics and presenters not referenced here.