Your Voice in Pharmacy

The Oklahoma Pharmacists Association is the leading voice for pharmacy in the state of Oklahoma. We aggressively advocate for the profession by shaping public policy and scope of practice to enhance the value of pharmacy. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our state’s pharmacy professionals.

Why are you an OPhA Member

Mike Dotson
I support OPhA in order to give back to a profession that has been so good to all of us. We must combat the challenges to pharmacy by presenting a clear, united voice. Lobbying is expensive but necessary. All of us need to contribute to our PAC with an annual donation or monthly contributions.
Mike Dotson, DPh - Freeland Brown Pharmacies - Tulsa, OK
Ryan Huddleston
I truly began thinking about it when I was a student, but it has been solidified since becoming a pharmacist. I believe that OPhA gives us a voice and a vehicle that we can use together as a group of pharmacist to really promote pro-pharmacy issues. We constantly see in the news how other organizations are trying to impede upon our scope of practice. Just this year for example, nurse practitioners tried to pass a bill in Oklahoma to give them dispensing rights. OPhA unites us to protect our future and the next generation of pharmacists.
Ryan Huddleston, PharmD - Comfort Care Pharmacy - Del City, OK
Gary Bintz
OPhA helps us every day. They are always ready to address our problems. We need to support our lobbyists in order for our voices to be heard at the state and federal levels.
Gary Bintz - Bintz Pharmacy - Ponca City, OK
Kyle Whitehead
I'm a strong believer that we are stronger together than we are separated. Benjamin Franklin was quoted saying, "If we don't hang together, we will certainly all hang separately." I firmly believe that our association helps bring us as competitors and pharmacy owners, sometimes in the same communities, together. We should align every chance we get to combat the PBM's, things going on legislatively in healthcare, and on a federal level. I think OPhA does a fantastic job of creating that mechanism for us to come together. I have watched OPhA help with legislative issues, specifically house bill 2100, and do things that would have never been accomplished without OPhA.
Kyle Whitehead, DPh - Evans Drug – Enid, OK

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